Back in November last year we tipped Manchester-based singer-songwriter Stefan Melbourne and his single ‘Unforgiving War’. With widespread acclaim following its release, we caught up with the artist himself to discuss his plans going forward. 

1. Firstly, for those who are unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe your sound?

The dreaded question…I write songs pretty traditionally just me and an acoustic guitar, but when I get to recording them I always want to open them up and create space and give each track a certain atmosphere. So maybe it could be described as Spacious Folk… Does that work?

2. We featured you on The Tipping Point a while back, what have you been up to since?

I’ve been working pretty hard on getting things ready for the album release, and we’ve been messing around with the live show a little too.

3. In terms of your career so far, how long have you been writing and performing as an artist?

I started off by playing drums in a band for a number of years, but would go home and try and write songs. It took a little while but eventually the urge to write took over from the urge to hit things, that was around 4 years ago.

4. Would you say you prefer recording in the studio or playing live?

It’s hard to say as they both give you a completely different feeling. Playing live you get an audience which give you direct feedback, which can sometimes be great or sometimes be terrible, either way it’s a rush. When I recorded this album, it was mainly just me and James (the producer) in the studio, I’d have the bare bones of the songs and both of us would be completely open to where we could take each track. I love that creative side of recording, stepping out into the unknown always feels exciting to me.

5. What is the most difficult challenge for you in the music industry?

Playing the social media game is something I really struggle with, also how much actual music is out there now. If you think about it too much you can be left feeling a little like “What do I actually have to offer?” but there are positives to be taken from that too. It’s never been easier for an independent artist to get there music out there directly to their fans

6. What is your biggest musical achievement to date?

Writing and recording this album.

7. When can we catch you playing live next?

I’ve got a few shows dotted around, planning a tour around April/May in the UK and heading out to Germany for two weeks in March.

8. Are you scheduled for any festivals this summer?

At the moment just Blue Dot.

9. Do you have any new material due for release soon?

I have my debut album coming out on 10th March.

10. Do you have any industry related advice for emerging artists?

Don’t do it.

11. What’s the best way for people to get in contact with you/keep up to date with the latest goings on?

I tend to try and keep everything up to date over on my Facebook page

12. What is your one major ambition for your career in music?

It was to record and put out an album. Now that’s nearly done I guess I better start thinking of something else…

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