Soulful singer-songwriter from Durham, Harri Endersby is set to storm the contemporary folk scene in the North East. Mixing acoustic and electronic elements in her new album Homes/Lives , Harri develops a more ethereal, otherworldly feel than her previous EP Ivy Crown. Listen to the glorious Shadows from the Ivy Crown EP. Harri presents crystal … Continue reading


A relative newcomer to live music performance, you’re more likely to hear Jennifer’s compositions across an array of independent short films and installations. Ingredients include sonic wails, breaks, blips and glitches, driven forward by a visceral heartbeat of bass. The overall effect forms atmospheric and changeable soundscapes. Carefully selected samples compliment her diverse and malleable … Continue reading


Daisy Victoria’s voice is something else and unlike anything I’ve heard in the last couple of years. It is also the aspect of this track, ‘Animal Lover‘, that most stands out. Somewhere between Marina of “And the Diamonds” fame and Kate Bush, the backing music is almost forgotten when her soaring melodies dominate the soundscape. Having … Continue reading


We may have only just entered spring, and the weather might be grey and gloomy but with The Night Café’s new song ‘Together’, it’s like summer is hear already. Fresh out of Liverpool, the young lads have crafted an infectiously happy song, one that harks back to that fun and exciting indie of the mid-2000s … Continue reading


As winter finally starts to bite here in the UK and ice, snow and frozen toes become the norm, we need something to thaw us out, warm us up and get us going again. Step forward Bonzai who has just the thing with the positively molten ‘Doses’. A graduate of the British and Irish Modern … Continue reading