Today’s tip should only take you two minutes to listen to, but we guarantee you’re going to want to replay it a good ten times. It’s called ‘Diesel Therapy’ and comes from London four-piece CHILDCARE. Despite the band’s name, this kind of music probably doesn’t embody the kind of music you’d want to leave your … Continue reading


When it comes to songwriting, there are not many new bands on the go who are as thematically creative as Hampshire’s New Desert Blues. The band released their EP last year, called ‘Devil’s Rope’, which created western characters and stories. New release ‘Swarm’ is a step in a more personal direction; however it still has … Continue reading


In the digital age of music, it’s really rare and exciting to find a track which sounds like it was made to be played on vinyl but today’s tip is exactly that. Hidden Charms are a London four piece who have been together since the end of 2013. It’s clear to see that the band’s … Continue reading


Mirror Signal is the solo project of Steven Barker, a very talented 19-year-old singer songwriter from Suffolk. His single ‘Broken Solider’ portrays the singer to be an old soul at heart, with the tracks sophisticated and mature sound. ‘Broken Solider’ is an atmospheric, soulful hip-hop track. It ebbs and flows into your ears like a … Continue reading


‘Cinders‘, a beautiful song that creeps and slides into your ears initially, soon formulates into a powerful ballad of electronic romance, is a creation by UK producer LuQus and featuring Magdalena Wolk; it exhibits the wonderful up-and-coming producers’ talent and Magdalena’s. ‘Cinders’ is a very futuristic, warm, ambient love song; enhanced by its crisp drums … Continue reading