The eighties; a decade that just keeps on giving. From the grungy fuzz of Seattle (Bleach-era Nirvana) to the rain-soaked melancholy of Manchester (The Smiths), to the sun-kissed arpeggios of Los Angeles (The Bangles), eighties guitar music casts a long shadow over today’s musicians. A mainstream dominated by New Wave, New Romanticism and Stock, Aiken … Continue reading


There’s nothing of real beauty I could produce from a kitchen, I think. Well, apart from that one delicious Pancake Cannelloni I made that time. For that reason alone I’m incredibly impressed with Cardiff’s Rhodri Brooks, who managed to cook up a whole album of lo-fi, acoustic beauties right from his own stove. Amongst the album’s, … Continue reading


This debut from London’s Boxed In will arrive on the super-prolific Moshi Moshi Singles Club on November 25th – where it will stand alongside releases from the likes of Big Deal, Casual Sex and Clock Opera amongst others. Preceding the launch party at London’s Waiting Room on December 2nd, the release will feature ‘All Your … Continue reading


If my over-bearing hatred for those checking in to enjoy their summer jollies hadn’t yet reached boiling point, this joyously shimmering Summer anthem from Manchester’s Oceaán has gone some way to tipping me over the edge. Loosely weaving contemporary influences of the likes of James Blake, Disclousre and SBTRKT, to come up with a fresh, soulful … Continue reading


This record, Sitting in the Sun, with its heavy and thick wall of colourful sound tantalises you to lay back and let the sun drenched synth-pop of Astral Pattern take you, with its thin clouds of ethereal vocals perched high above the impenetrable wall of Korg synths, propped up by a very catchy processed drum … Continue reading