In the digital age of music, it’s really rare and exciting to find a track which sounds like it was made to be played on vinyl but today’s tip is exactly that. Hidden Charms are a London four piece who have been together since the end of 2013. It’s clear to see that the band’s … Continue reading


Hailing from one of London’s beating creative hearts, the emerging land of Peckham, Heavy Heart are a boy/girl duo who are beginning to rise above the new music radar. Having formed earlier this year, Heavy Heart have recently relased their debut EP entitled ‘This Season‘, along with performing their very first few live shows across … Continue reading


Need an escape from the daily humdrum of life? For three minutes we can offer you that with ‘Further Than The Moon’, the new track from London artist Viet Sign, one half of Jewellers. It takes you on a journey away from your desk, above the clouds into Space. And Space has gotten pretty jazzy. … Continue reading


‘Beckon Blue’, a tranquil and melancholic track, is the latest record by Atlas a four-piece alternative indie band from Birmingham who are pretty much unknown outside the midlands. However, within the midlands they are slowly but surely building a reputation for themselves, thanks to their mixture of modern indie-rock, brooding baselines and an unhealthy love … Continue reading


Adio Marchant aka Bipolar Sunshine, former vocalist of Kid British, has been busy creating catchy, soulful, RnB-come-indie-pop all the way from Manchester this year; and what a year it has been. Ever since we first featured him on our Tipping Point last May, Bipolar Sunshine has tallied up various festival appearances, Hottest Record on Zane … Continue reading