Today’s tip should only take you two minutes to listen to, but we guarantee you’re going to want to replay it a good ten times. It’s called ‘Diesel Therapy’ and comes from London four-piece CHILDCARE. Despite the band’s name, this kind of music probably doesn’t embody the kind of music you’d want to leave your … Continue reading


When it comes to songwriting, there are not many new bands on the go who are as thematically creative as Hampshire’s New Desert Blues. The band released their EP last year, called ‘Devil’s Rope’, which created western characters and stories. New release ‘Swarm’ is a step in a more personal direction; however it still has … Continue reading


It’s peculiar that whilst music is an art form which allows people to exert their true emotions onto paper and then into song, we never quite tell the true story when it comes to sex and physical attraction. The music industry is full of Ariana Grande’s and Nicki Minaj’s glamourizing what love is like and … Continue reading


There’s something absolutely time-stopping for you today on The Tipping Point. We have for you a new track from Kathryn Joseph. Kathryn is a Scottish musician who has just released her album ‘Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I’ve Spilled’, an excellent title and lyric in today’s track, ‘The Bird’. The album is released … Continue reading


We’re acting as travel agents today. You know that horrific feeling you get when you return to work just after the brilliant Christmas & New Year holidays? You know that urge you have to go and book a holiday to the Bahamas? We have a tip for you today which takes you there. By now … Continue reading