Rebecca Clements

Next up in our new interview section is the majestic Rebecca Clements who’s seen her stock rise considerably since being featured on The Tipping Point back in June 2014. The indie folk-pop singer-songwriter released her latest single ‘Pure Wasted’ two months ago and followed that up with her first ever headline show in London last month so things are certainly going pretty well. We caught up with Rebecca to discuss what she has planned going forward…

1. Firstly, for those who are unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe your sound?

It’s raw but it’s got balls, there are emotional moments and there are fierce ones.

2. We featured you on The Tipping Point a while back, what have you been up to since?

I signed a publishing deal, played some cool shows including supporting James Bay and Frank Turner, played Reading & Leeds and released some more tracks. I’ve been very busy writing and working with some great people.

3. In terms of your career so far, how long have you been writing and performing as an artist?

I’ve been writing since I was about 13 but I’ve only been performing for a couple of years. Releasing my song ‘Wildlife’ last summer was the turning point where I felt like I’d found myself as an artist.

4. Would you say you prefer recording in the studio or playing live?

I struggle with this question when it is asked as they are both what I live for. The feeling of recording a song that means so much to you is a different kind of excitement compared to performing live. But there really is no greater feeling than playing live to a crowd that are loving what you do.

5. What is the most difficult challenge for you in the music industry?

Getting out of bed for the Megabus at 5am most mornings!

6. What is your biggest musical achievement to date?

Signing my publishing deal and supporting James Bay at KOKO as it is a stunning venue and I have been a fan of his for a long time so for him to invite me to play was insane. My songs getting played on Radio 1 is also a massive highlight as you never get used to that!

7. Will you be appearing on the festival circuit this summer?

Yes! I’m so excited for festival season! I’ll be playing at Somersault, Bushstock, 2000 Trees, Nozstock and Harbour Sounds.

9. Do you have any new material due for release soon?

I released a new track ‘Pure Wasted’ a few months ago and also a cover of ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ by The Cure which is up now on my SoundCloud. The next release is ready to go soon and I really can’t wait for you to hear this one!

10. Do you have any industry related advice for emerging artists?

I think the most important advice is to work hard making music that you love and enjoy the journey.

11. What’s the best way for people to get in contact with you/keep up to date with the latest goings on?

I always post and reply on my Facebook and Twitter and Instagram pages!

12. What is your one major ambition for your career in music?

For my music to affect as many people as possible. Headlining a sold out Royal Albert Hall with a platinum debut album under my belt would be a dream too, who wouldn’t want that?!

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