‘My Shirt Guy is High’, the latest single from slacker indie rock trio Johnny Kills bears a striking similarity to MGMT’s monster hit ‘Kids’, but I mean that in the best possible light. Space-y synths, soaring vocals and an absolute bucketload of melody. It’s easy and lazy (guilty as charged) to make 60’s references, with … Continue reading


Clue Records, where the hits don’t quit, have seemingly unearthed another gem. Responsible for introducing the masses to Forever Cult, TRASH, Bruising and more, they have a track record for picking winners – on the evidence given, Night Owls seem destined to join this glory-filled lot. With one foot in the dark, swirling psych camp, … Continue reading


Today’s tip comes from Norfolk-based Dano with her new single ‘Your Love’, an impressive introduction into her world of brooding, soul-infused pop. The opening eight-bit electronics make the track feel as if it dwells at the bottom of a Mario Dungeon and progress into a trap inspired beat, providing a fascinatingly modern edge. Dano’s rich, … Continue reading


I’m a sucker for strings – I’ll just about like anything with them in but by the time they make their appearance on ‘Where To Start’, the most recent single from London-based outfit SLOES, I was already sold on the track. With the reputation that has stemmed from their debut EP release (Chasing Tails) two … Continue reading


Impressive silky vocals – think John Legend meets Sam Smith – coupled with a single euphonious guitar line blend together to create this alternative urban but jazz-inspired track. A delicate guitar intro announces the jazz influences early on, before we hear Bello’s diva-quality crooning arrive to blend an instant hit. Minimalistic, easy listening at its … Continue reading