With venues closing down and promoters in small towns struggling to break even how can we make sure emerging talent can go on tour without breaking the bank? This panel looks to explain the issues and what is being done to resolve them. 

What’s the current live scene like for emerging artists?

  • Why are smaller towns struggling?
  • How can emerging promoters develop relationships with agents?
  • What’s a fair price for an emerging gig and how does this affect artists’ fees?
  • How to get gigs outside of your home region?
  • Securing an agent
  • What new models are emerging?
  • Promoter partnerships and working together

Guest speakers

  • Daryl Robinson (Eastside Events)

Head of Eastside Events, Daryl Robinson is a vastly experienced promoter and has an extensive knowledge of the live music scene, venue development and venue management. For over 10 years Daryl was the Group Development Manager for the UK leading concert venue operating chain, Academy Music Group (AMG).

  • Matt Wanstall (Musicians Union)

Matt is a Regional Officer at Musicians Union and looks after the organisation’s members in the north of England. The Musicians’ Union is a globally-respected organisation which represents over 30,000 musicians working in all sectors of the music business.

  • Jeff Thompson (Unconvention / Off Axis)

Jeff is co-founder of organisations such as Un-Convention and Future Artists Live Creative Co-op. Most recently he has been developing the Off Axis Network, which aims to empower musicians by establishing a national ‘gig swap’ system by which musicians can build credit via an online system, which will then enable them to play all over the country.

  • Francois ‘Mido’ El-Alfy (Blunt Media)

Blunt Media was founded in 1996 by Francois ‘Mido’ El-Alfy specialising in tour/event management and sound engineering for artists such as Pulled Apart by Horses, Fyfe Dangerfield and The Twang.

  • Ross Lewis (tour manager)

Ross has an excellent reputation as tour manager and front of house engineer for bands such as Detroit Social Club, Frankie & the Heartstrings and Beth Jeans Houghton. Away from life on the road Ross is equally happy in the studio environment, recording and mixing bands for local demos and international releases.

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