With so many digital marketing channels available to the modern artist, it’s easy to lose focus. We take a look at the best tools and strategies for building your profile effectively and selling directly to fans. 

  • What key digital marketing tools are available?
  • Dodging digital marketing pitfalls
  • Enhancing your video content
  • Communicating effectively through social networking
  • How to build your fanbase and develop relationships
  • What can you learn from analytics and metrics?
  • Converting Likes to Sales
  • Building a digital release campaign
  • Syncing digital marketing with real world strategies
  • Can you do it all on your own?

Guest speakers

  • Karim Fanous (Music Ally)

As head of research at digital music information and strategists, Music Ally, Karim Fanous is responsible for keeping his finger on the pulse of emerging trends and digital innovations in the industry.

  • Darren Hemmings (Motive Unknown)

Motive Unknown is a strategic digital marketing consultancy, founded by Darren Hemmings, to bring creative, innovative marketing solutions to bands and brands with an expertise in combining practical, effective digital marketing with cutting-edge innovation and technology.

  • Alistair Tant (Essential Music)

Previously label manager at Dance to the Radio, Alistair Tant is now Manager of Marketing Digital at Essential Music. His role involves working with Artists, Labels and Managers on Social Media Strategy, Web Presence, Digital Strategy & Asset Management.

  • Alison Lamb (Believe Digital)

Alison is Trade Marketing Manager at digital distributor and services provider, Believe Digital, focusing on UK digital music services; a la carte download, streaming and mobile. Alison’s remit is to maximise new release coverage and comprehensive catalogue re-promotion strategies.

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