Low Res Howl Jake Houlsby Press Shot by Molly Mackay

We caught up with Newcastle singer-songwriter Jake Houlsby ahead of his set at The Tipping Point showcase down in Brighton later this week. Find out what he had to say below:

1.First off, how excited are you to be heading down to Brighton for The Great Escape this year and playing our showcase?

It’s actually gonna be the first time me, Laurie (Synth/Flute) and Stu (Drums) have been away together as, for the gigs away so far, it’s always just been me and Laurie so I’m really looking forward to being able to get our feet wet at such a big and prestigious festival.

2.You seem to experimenting a little more with your sound right now, what can we expect from your set at our showcase?

Yeah, I’ve never really been happy with the live aspect of my music until very recently and part of that was just realising that I need to be having fun onstage and creating a sound that I’m happy with and not just a sound that I think other people will be happy with. I haven’t decided on a setlist yet but if it goes the way I’m currently leaning, you’ll get a bit of everything.

3.Is this your first time performing at The Great Escape? Have you played in Brighton before?

It certainly is! I’ve been eyeing it for a few years now but I’m glad this is the first time as I don’t think I was ready. I’ve never even been to Brighton before, let alone played, so I’m looking forward to it as a holiday too to be honest.

4.You released your latest EP ‘Vondelpark’ last week, how happy are you with the reception so far?

I’m pleasantly surprised! I thought people would like Howl but I wasn’t so sure about Oklahoma or Vondelpark but people have really taken to those two, both in totally different ways. People connected with the whole EP quicker than I thought which was really lovely.

5.What are your plans for the rest of the year? Plenty of touring/releases?

I’m going to start recording my first album so I think my summer will mainly be spent indoors! I want to release something again before the end of the year though. It may be a track from the album or I might just do a random single, it just depends on how the album is going I guess.

6.Why should festivalgoers come and see you at TGE? Any surprises planned for the show?

If you like variation and dreamy folk then this gig is for you!

7.Any final words?

12:15. Komedia. 20th May.

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