pretty vicious live

In the coming months we’re going to be catching up with many of the acts previously featured on The Tipping Point and finding out what they’ve been getting up to since.

We tipped Merthyr four piece Pretty Vicious back in January this year. Here’s what the guys had to say when Jess Campbell caught up with them ahead of their sold out gigs last week.

1. You’re a really new band, together just over a year and it’s mad to see how far you’ve gone in this time! Were you expecting to see so much support happen this quickly?

PV – We weren’t expecting it to happen this quickly, but we were expecting it to happen.. do you know what [I] mean? For it to happen this fast, well nobody would ever be expecting that!

You recently supported The Manic’s on tour in Cardiff … controversially on the same night as One Direction – how was it supporting someone so big and well known?

One direction were amazing. No, well it was quite a lot easier than we thought it was going to be. When we got on the stage it was the same as anywhere!

So, how did your set go down?
Twitter really liked it! We didn’t get a single bad comment! So, [I] think that’s great that is.

You’re also playing quite a few festivals this year too! How do you find playing them in relation to your own gigs? Does your set change much?

Well, we’ve only played a few (so far) and they’ve all been indoors! But they’ve been quite rushed compared to our gigs. I think supporting The Manics was a nice teaser for outdoor gigs.
The thing with festivals is that you can’t play as full on.
I prefer our own gigs because first off people are there to see you, second off we’ve got more time to set up and it’s on your terms but festivals are so special. I think festivals are great for getting your music out there to loads more people who might not have heard of you before, but certainly gigs are preferred.

This will be my first time seeing you live, tonight. How would you describe how you perform on stage to people who haven’t seen you yet?

We play 100% all the time. We just sort of give it everything y’know. Hopefully, what you can imagine when you go to a gig is that we give  it our all to the people there.

Have you had a favoruite gig so on tour so far on this tour?

Oh, Live At Leeds – it was a gritty atmosphere, quick get on, stuff everywhere… it was sweaty! Everytime we hankered the crowd there were mosh pits … and fights! It was great!

Do you reckon they could happen tonight?

Hopefully yeah! But we’ll find out later… though we’re not allowed to start them! If you could request a mosh pit that would be great! We also had this one gig at King Tuts and it said “no walls of death”! That was great!

Carrying on with festivals, you’re headlining the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury this year! Are you looking forward to that?

Oh yeah! I think we’re looking forward to that the most! Now we can say we’ve headlined Glastonbury!

How do you go about picking singles?

We get them recorded.. demos… in block of twos or three or four. Slowly building up a portfolio of songs.
We won’t have a song that isn’t worth being a single. If it isn’t, we have to change it… make it better in some way. It’s a good dilemma!

So, are you going to be releasing anything more anytime soon?

Well, we’re going to be recording an album and we’re going to hopefully get it out early next year… aiming for March!

So, what kind of sound can we expect to hear from your debut album?

Not like Arctic Monkeys…The Libertines… or whoever else we are compared to. Like, people hear us live and are surprised about how different we sound! The problem is, people hear ‘Cave Song’, a great song, but it is our most indie song… so Arctic Monkeys are going to have a shock if they see us live!

The tracks will sound true, organic, gritty…. We don’t want them to be polished and all that crap. We’re going to keep it really real, as close to our ‘live’ performances as we can.

Well, that sounds very exciting. So, ignoring what the media say you sound like, if you could compare yourself to another band who would that be?

I wouldn’t like to compare ourselves to anyone! We’re too original… just saying! We’ve got our own little tricks and they go really nice together… our own ways… our own personalities and it shows in our music.

We featured you on The Tipping Point a while back and now you’ve also been getting a lot of support from such huge names in the music business like Huw Stephens. Considering all of this, do you ever feel the pressure to perform well?

To be fair, we trust in ourselves to perform well. We rehearse so hard, every day, it’s just second nature now really. It’s not like we look at the expectations people have and this ‘Oh, we can’t reach that’. Us just doing what we do, we don’t go out and do things like people expect us to do, we’ll go out and do it how we want.
As long as you’re got confidence in yourselves, other people are going to enjoy what you do. But there are a lot of musicians who don’t have that much confidence in themselves.
We play truly to everyone y’know. We don’t act cocky we’re just confident with our music.

So, if you guys weren’t in a band right now, what would you be doing?

Jarvis – I’d be in prison… or being a Bus Driver
Tom would be a milkman.
Brad- I’d be in college but nothing to do with maths.

So, I wanted to play a bit of a game with you. Pretty Vs Vicious, it’s pretty simple- ‘pretty’ for things you like, and ‘vicious’ for things you don’t like
For example, ‘Marmite

‘Vicious’ – all.
Brad: ‘I’ve never eaten Marmite’
‘Definitley Vicious’

The new Apple streaming service:

Ah, that’s good.
Brad – ‘pretty pretty that is. From what I’ve heard on the radio it sounds good anyway.’
‘I think it’s a great idea’


‘Pretty, pretty, pretty I love london. Definitely pretty’

The Tipping Point

‘oh, definitely pretty’
Jarvis – ‘Vicious’
Guys- ‘what?’
Jarvis- ‘Oh it’s a joke, I’m just kidding.. pretty!’

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