Jagaara 2

Next up in our new interview section are synth pop three-piece Jagaara who we tipped back in October 2014. The band will be playing our Tipping Point showcase at The Great Escape in Brighton next week along with Slug, Ady Suleiman and Cape Cub. Find out what they had to say when we caught up with them recently…

1. Firstly, for those who are unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe your sound?

We can’t describe it as one thing – genres are limiting. To us, it’s a mix of electronic, cinematic rock, and harmony-based synth soul, but we want people to decide for themselves.

2. We featured you on The Tipping Point a while back, what have you been up to since?

We’ve mostly been writing our debut album and playing gigs. We just came back from playing Paradiso in Amsterdam for London Calling Festival. It was our first gig outside the UK and the response was awesome!

3. In terms of your career so far, how long have you been writing and performing as an artist?

We’ve been playing as Jagaara for just over two years, but we’ve been cooking up ideas and performing in various different ways since we can remember.

4. Would you say you prefer recording in the studio or playing live?

We’ve had some really exciting gigs and we’re all geared up for playing festivals this summer, but being in the studio is very fulfilling. It’s where we can really get creative and push our boundaries.

5. What is the most difficult challenge for you in the music industry?

It’s a tough industry because it’s so unpredictable. It’s basically like a start-up – you have to work hard (for no money), and you have to have a lot of faith in what you’re doing. But it’s also very exciting, and we feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to do it.

6. What is your biggest musical achievement to date?

Releasing a vinyl was a big achievement for us. We’ve always wanted to have our music on vinyl, and it was really cool to release as part of Record Store Day.

7. When can we catch you playing live next?

We’re playing The Tipping Point showcase at The Great Escape festival in mid May. We’re playing there three days in a row so you can’t miss us!

8. Will you be appearing on the festival circuit this summer?

So far we’re playing The Great Escape, Field Day, Secret Garden Party, One Beat Festival, Y Not, Tramlines, Standon Calling and Bestival. Can’t wait!

9. Do you have any new material due for release soon?

We’ve just released a vinyl and we’ll be following up with a digital release soon.

10. Do you have any industry related advice for emerging artists?

Do as much as you can on your own before getting other people involved. It’s really important to have a clear vision and a good amount of material before you let other people join the party.

11. What’s the best way for people to get in contact with you/keep up to date with the latest goings on?

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Say hi!

12. What is your one major ambition for your career in music?

We have two major ones – to make an amazing album, and to travel the world. Might as well think big!

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