12687938_899744960146633_6370672768076901060_nWe caught up with Liverpool outfit Clean Cut Kid ahead of their set at The Tipping Point showcase down in Brighton later this week. Find out what they had to say here:

1.First off, how excited are you guys to be heading down to Brighton for The Great Escape this year and playing our showcase?

We’re SO excited. We love Brighton, every time we play there it’s a massive party. I think some of our maddest nights have been in Brighton. Also, the lineup is so good and coz we’re doing two shows we get to stick around for the whole festival and see some bands which we never get to do normally!

2.You’ve obviously built up a pretty amazing live reputation in the last few years, what’s the secret to your performances!?

Practice. We spent a long time before we put anything out or did any live shows rehearsing our asses off. So I think we built up a good foundation for the live set and since then we’ve just tried to build on it. We love gigging, its our favourite thing about being in a band.

3.We’ve heard you’re hard at work on your new album at the moment, how’s that coming along? Should we expect it before the end of the year?

It’s nearly there, we’ve been working on it over the last 12 months and we’ve pretty much recorded enough to make two at this point, haha. You’ll hear it soon, we promise 😉

4.There are so many exciting acts coming out of Liverpool right now, who are your current favourites from the scene?

Lying Bastards are our favourites right now. Suuuuuch a talented band with boss songs and insane live show. Gonna be cool to see what happens for them this year. Also check out LUMEN and Trudy & The Romance.

5.What are your goals for the rest of the year?

Finish the album, UK headline tour and maybe get our first release out in the U.S.

6.Why should festival-goers come and see you at TGE? Any surprises planned for the show?

They should come and see us coz we really don’t wanna play to an empty room thanks 🙂

7.Any final words?

Be nice to your mum and dad.

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