We recently spoke to Newcastle rockers Boy Jumps Ship ahead of their appearance at The Tipping Point showcase next week in Brighton. Find out what they had to say here:

1.First off, how excited are you guys to be heading down to Brighton for The Great Escape this year and playing our showcase?

We are incredibly excited! We played TGE a couple of years ago and as manic as it was we thoroughly enjoyed it. We are really proud to be part of Generator’s showcase repping the North East.

2.You’ve gained a really exciting live reputation over the last few years, what can we expect from your set at our showcase?

Energy! We’ve been touring flat out since the beginning of the year so it’s something we’ve really become accustomed to. Festivals are a great opportunity to play to new crowds and impress. They are the sorts of shows we love to play! So we’ll be playing a lot of new tunes from ‘Wake Up’ and giving people a taster of what it sounds like.

3.Is this your first time performing at The Great Escape? Have you played in Brighton before?

As we mentioned before, it’ll be the second time we have played the festival. We’ve played Brighton numerous times on support tours. Everything from small 200 cap rooms to the legendary Concorde 2 which was sold out when we visited with Young Guns.

4.You released your debut album ‘Wake Up’ a few weeks back, how happy are you with the reception so far?

We couldn’t be happier with the reaction to ‘Wake Up’. Both fans and the press seem to have really got what this band is about. At the end of the day we just strive to write music we love, we really try to avoid following any trends. Talking to people at shows and on social media everyone seems to have their own favourite track, it’s different every time. Which is great! It’s incredibly humbling to hear people connect with the music we worked so hard on.

5.What are your plans for the rest of the year? Plenty of touring?

Absolutely! We love playing live, it’s what this band is all about. We want as many people to hear ‘Wake Up’ as possible and their is no better way for that to happen than to go out and play to people.

6.Why should festivalgoers come and see you at TGE? Any surprises planned for the show?

Surprises!! You’ll have to come down and see! But for certain you’ll see one of the most energetic and exciting sets of the festival. We’ll leave everything on that stage.

7.Any final words?

Thank you to anyone who has shown any support for our band, we appreciate it more than you know. And to anyone who may be unsure about the band or may be on the fence about ‘Wake Up’, come and see us live. We’ll do our best to make sure you’re not sitting on the fence anymore!

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