Today’s top tip for 2016 is London group Kero Kero Bonito (KKB). Their name comes from the Japanese onomatopoeic word for frog croaks. The music this trio create is not at all like the pond dwelling creatures they drew namesake inspiration from. Though KKB have an undeniable spring in their step, their tracks are squeaky clean … Continue reading

TOTT 2016

Looking back over the last year we’ve seen some major things happen. From the loss of some beloved artists such as David Bowie and Prince, to political earthquakes like Brexit and the election of ‘The Donald‘. It’s safe to say that many off us have been shocked and saddened by some of these things; yet it … Continue reading


Smartphones, tablets, laptops, dual-monitor work desks: what percentage of our lives are lived in front of a screen in 2016? London-based singer Lánre tells a tale of modern aspiration through the metaphor of broken glass. Do we have to sacrifice our freedom to make a mark in this world? Must we feel pain to heal … Continue reading


“So many people telling me I should be living easy” Summer is here and whilst 2016’s summer-months usher in the prevalence of factor–50, lurid green alcoholic mixers, and nostalgia-tinged internet-memes like Simpsonwave: it’s clear listening to London-based Aaron’s new production ‘Easy’ that yes, — chillwave is back for 2016. Jangly shoegaze guitars, blissed-out vocals and … Continue reading


Music has the capacity to transport you all over the world and affect your emotions in any manner of ways. There’s not too much out there that can take you into a crazy bright world of 8-bit computer games and anime characters but that is exactly where Kero Kero Bonito are having their party, and everyone is … Continue reading