It’s infectious and infatuating – it’s ‘Love Anyone Else’ by Sugarhouse. London indie-pop duo Connie and Charlie are bringing back nostalgic happy-sad tracks you can’t help but tap your foot too. The silky vocals between the two interacting singers glides across the light guitar and drums, keeping the up-tempo summer vibes coming.

The honestly care-free “I don’t think I can love anyone else” joins heartbreak with happiness as the track exudes the couple’s reconciliation through it’s heartfelt lyrics and upbeat nature. It’s a modern love song we’ve (probably) all been through at some point, and even though the lyrics may be reminiscent of sadder times, it feels fresh and joyful.

Sugarhouse have produced a great debut in ‘Love Anyone Else’, capturing the warmth in the feeling of being so wrapped up in love that you might practically burst if you don’t tell them. The duo’s voices compliment each other effortlessly, just as the track plays to its listener.

Words by Rebecca Jackson

Tipped by Matty Aston

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