I’m a sucker for strings – I’ll just about like anything with them in but by the time they make their appearance on ‘Where To Start’, the most recent single from London-based outfit SLOES, I was already sold on the track.

With the reputation that has stemmed from their debut EP release (Chasing Tails) two years ago, Sloes have developed their rich crossover brand of indie/pop/folk and are amassing a very strong collection of songs. The new single is a brief departure from previously released material that had featured more of a synth drive, but ‘Where To Start’ still features the lush three-part harmonies. It’s also reminiscent of Dry The River, just with more of the orchestral pop sensibilities and flourishes we’ve come to see from Sloes both in the past as well as the other tracks on their new EP, All in the Mind.

With five members there’s bound to be a vast range of influences and whilst that can sometimes be a detriment to a band, it seems to be working out just fine for Sloes who have had slots supporting Goldfrapp at Somerset House in addition to playing British Summer Time earlier this month. Expect to hear a lot more of Sloes in the future.

With no tour dates currently announced you can keep up to date with Sloes through their Twitter account here.

Words by Cal Kilpatrick

Tipped by Charlotte Holroyd from Bitter Sweet Symphonies

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