Ever heard a debut track that seemed to sum up everything about a band in one effortless package? London trio KOIYA have delivered just such a track. Formed of brothers Dru and Kumar Grant alongside vocalist Emma Wilson, they got together in 2016 and describe their sound as consisting of “brooding beats, yearning vocals and bulbous bass”.

It’s a succinct round-up of some of the basic components that make up their first track ‘Brood’, but there’s also so much more to the story. In its delicate balance between rushing waves of glacial synths, deep, throbbing bass-lines and percussive flourishes (not to mention Emma’s honeyed tones layered across the top) the trio toe the line between sheer, icy synth-pop and warm, soulful grace.

Intricate elements weave together, sometimes combining to create euphoric highs. But on other occasions they drift independently of each other, giving some breathing room in-between the pulsating beats as well as ensuring there’s always something new to prick up the ears.

It’s a formula that continues on their latest track, ‘Tripped’, named for its intricate triplet rhythms and not an unfortunate tumble. At this rate, it’s hard to see KOIYA stumbling at all.

Words by Eugenie Johnson

Tipped by Rob from Fresh On The Net

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