There’s been a lot of artists vying for Jamie T’s “youth culture captured in a bottle” crown ever since Sheila screamed calling London in 2007 but, Archy Marshall AKA King Krule’s twist on the formula aside, none have really made a decent shot. Rex Orange County is the next to come at the king, and it’s looking more and more likely that he’s not going to miss.

On latest single ‘Best Friend’, 18 year old Alex Connor has that ambitious, raucous sound that you can’t help but admire. From the relatively delicate opening, pining for more than just being friends, he sheds that “sad lad” persona in favour of bright, brass-laden fun. All that pining and sadness is still there but made a lot more exciting, flying in the face of a world saturated with “sad lads” aching over their acoustic guitars.

It’s no surprise he’s being tipped by purveyors of the different and interesting BADBADNOTGOOD. Rex Orange County is raring to go and following in his slipstream is going to be well worth your time if ‘Best Friend’ is any indication.

Words by Chris Taylor

Tipped by Tom Cotton

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