20-year-old London artist ROCH is looking like a very promising future prospect. As well as studying sculpture at St. Martin’s (imagine if she’s Greek too!), Roch has already worked with some of the biggest players in the production game, including Ben Christophers (Bat For Lashes) and Leo Abrahams (Wild Beasts).

On her latest single ‘This Is Now’ you can really hear the influence of her collaborators, especially the links to Abrahams’ work on standout Wild Beasts track ‘Wanderlust’, as her ghostly voice careers through a glistening tunnel of synth pop ambience.

The vocals also bear similarity to Natasha Khan’s wistful musings, full of melancholy and emotional punch. Surrounded by zipping synth lines and plucked, Daughter-like reverb-doused guitars, ‘This Is Now’ creates a pulsating euphoria that refuses to go unnoticed. ‘This is Now’ and ROCH is most definitely here to stay.

Words by Nad Khan

Tipped by Mattia from Going Solo

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