Every other week, another London institution closes its doors to be replaced by expensive apartments, yet another gaudy wine bar or even unnecessary railways. These are places where memories were made. First kiss, first love, first dabble with drugs, fights, make ups, break ups and plenty of amazing times. For many, the London of today just isn’t worth the ridiculous price.

That is the essence of The Rhythm Method’s bittersweet new track ‘Home Sweet Home’, arriving in a post-fabric world. Joey Bradbury and Rowan Martin’s piano-led beauty is quietly powerful, a track about being unable to recognise what’s surrounding you but still unwilling to give it up.

It’s a heartfelt love song for a city that’s slowly losing its character but is still home to many. More importantly, it’s a track that makes you think of all your favourite places that no longer exist or have changed beyond recognition.

Words by Chris Taylor

Tipped by Joe Schiavon

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