The frostbite has begun to take hold, you’re central heating bill isn’t funny anymore and retailers think it’s acceptable to start selling Christmas tree baubles. Winter’s icy claw has returned with a vengeance. But don’t fret yourself into a state of depression just yet. If you’re missing the reassuring warmth of festival season already, The Shimmer Band might just have you covered.

Hailing from Bristol, the five-piece specialise in upbeat psychedelic rock that wont fails to cheer you up in the dourest of days.

Their latest single is the aptly titled ‘Sunkick‘, an optimistic skyward-punch against daylight saving. The track sails along on big guitar riffs, lifting itself above the clouds with the group vocal chants of ‘Ride with me, ride with me into the light’.

Led by the triumphant vocals of a singer who looks a bit like The Cult’s Ian Astbury in his heyday, the band are looking to stomp their glorious sound all over the UKs emerging music scene, playing a bunch of gigs up and down the country. Make sure you catch them live before you get snowed in.

Words by Nad Khan

Tipped by Charlotte Holroyd

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