Today’s tip sounds as exotic as tunes come on The Tipping Point but in actual fact it comes from the Welsh town of Carmarthen…. the dreamy pop musings of songwriter J Francis’ new moniker, Hotel Del Salto.

Decidedly Records who are releasing the track describe influences from Brian Wilson and Prince and there’s certainly that type of experimentation on show here; however perhaps the closest comparison is Beck due to the riff driven approach, oddly satisfying lyrics and unique swagger.

The track is called Bigger Than Elvis and sits atop a hip-hop drumbeat and funky guitar riff but harks to King Krule’s softer style.

Where the song succeeds is in its oddness.

Despite being from Wales, it has a dreamy infectiousness with lines like “forever drive, Peruvian retreat” encouraging us to take a second listen.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Ray Thomas

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