Before we get into listening and telling you about today’s tip, be warned, it’s an earworm. You’ll be humming the chorus away to yourself for the rest of the week. Okay? We have warned you!

Keir is a Bristol based singer-songwriter who has a soulful voice and style. His new track ‘Probably’ is a fantastic piece of contemporary soul pop, with an indie rock sensibility about it. Fans of Miles Kane and Gabriel Bruce may find something they really like with Keir’s uplifting and powerful vocals. Musically, it’s not a reach to say that Keir could attain a similar level of exposure and popularity to a fellow soul singer like John Newman. His songwriting ability is certainly strong enough to get there.

Keir’s career is still in its very early stages and as such his debut show is still to come. It takes place at the famous Old Blue Last in London on 1st November so you still have plenty of time to grab your tickets. And make sure you do, because you might just be catching the UK’s best new songwriter.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Sam Bonham from the BBC 

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