Having the same name as a 17th century French composer can be somewhat problematic in the Google search department. I couldn’t find anything about Lully, other than the track I was handed, but that creates a nice air of mystery about the artist. Whoever they may be (a girl it seems from the soundcloud images) ‘Slow D’s’ is some animated electronic wizardry.

The track is a constant attack of slapping drums, wild electronic triggers and well-timed highs and lows, condensed into an immaculate three and a half minutes. Lully’s vocals are a strange mix of manipulated masculine tones, feminine harmonies and chopped up breathes, that make you wonder whether there is actually a male member of the group or not.

Whether there is another voice or not doesn’t matter though, it’s an extremely clever trick that makes you want to find out more. With ‘Slow D’s’ Lully nails exactly the type of slick, RnB infused electro-pop that AlunaGeorge specialise in and there’s definitely more room for it in your ears right now.

Words by Nad Khan

Tipped by Rob Platts

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