Liverpool-based electronic producers DROHNE are breath of fresh air within the genre at the moment. As new artists perfect their grooves and clean cut melodies, the duo are concocting some dark and mysterious sounds.

Reminiscent of acts like Trust and Crystal Castle’s, DROHNE explore the weirder realms of electronic music and latest track I.C.U is a perfect example of just how eerie they can get. The song features some haunting vocal work from Swiss singer/songwriter Nadine Carina, which weaves its way around disparate synthesiser chords and brooding ambience – 80s sounds echoing and distorting, before becoming embroiled in their own tones.

Think of 10cc’s ‘I’m Not In Love’ played backwards through a scrambled tape reel and you’d be getting close to how I.C.U sounds – like pieces of memories scattered across a sepia aural landscape and never quite tangible.

Keep an eye out for this lot.

Words by Nad Khan

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music

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