The latest signings to Fat Cat – home of We Were Promised Jetpacks, PAWS and The Twilight Sad – Breathe Panel look like they might be the latest exciting group to come out of Brighton. They’ve already played with Tipping Point faves The Big Moon, support lovely labelmates Honeyblood soon and release their first single ‘On My Way’ today.

As a band name ‘Breathe Panel’ sounds airy, spacious, breezy, and that’s how ‘On My Way’ feels. It doesn’t grab you by the scruff of the neck and bash you about the head with some bass – it’s free, soaring, almost uplifting. But it isn’t delicate either; there’s a fuzzy, scuzzy lo-fi sense here.

This is the type of song that’s great for cloud gazing on a hazy summer’s day. Things are busy in Brighton right now but it doesn’t sound like Breathe Panel are going to get lost amidst the crowd.

Words by Tom Worley

Tipped by Ray Thomas

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