Approaching Autumn after months of rainy weather, The Academic bring you news. Summer is finally here.

Boasting high-energy, throwaway vibes as loveable as the likes of Circa Waves and even Noah And The Whale, this song makes you wanna do sunshine stuff. Wear some shorts. Eat an ice cream. Have a good time. Right now I am listening to this song and eating a pizza. It’s the perfect fit.

It looks like these guys have been busy busy spreading the joy – after hitting a few festivals in UK & Ireland this July gone, they go on to play the likes of Pukkelpop and Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands, and then a couple of dates with Kentucky rockers Cage The Elephant, before heading back again for even more UK dates.

There isn’t much to dislike about Irish indie-rockers The Academic (unless you’re inherently miserable). Let their light-hearted sunshine vibes warm you to the bone.

Though, at the same time I imagine the nay-sayers will say that their style is derivative. That it’s unoriginal and has been done before. Whereas anyone who is any fun will say that there is always a place for this kind of music. Don’t take it too seriously – it’s there to be enjoyed. As soon as the opening bars kick in, you’re filled with an overwhelming urge to forget all of your troubles. Sing along. Don’t be a loser.

Words by George Rowan

Tipped by Jim Cambo from Alternative Friday and Fresh On The Net

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