Scandinavians can do no wrong in my eyes. Be it clothes, furniture or cinnamon buns, everything they produce is executed with the same minimal precision; music being no exception.

Following in the footsteps of fellow Scandi artists Little Dragon and MØ, rising songwriter Skott’s first single ‘Porcelain’ received praise from Radio 1 favourites Annie Mac and Huw Stephens, and it looks as though ‘Wolf’ is heading the same way, with Zane Low bagging its radio debut.

A far cry from the recording studio, Skott cites her upbringing in a woodland commune as the source of her delicate sound, often picturing her forest surroundings when she performs. Her soft, textured harmonies have been compared to those of Kate Bush and Susanne Sundfør, with a hint of Lana Del Rey’s bassy tone thrown in too.

Wolf’ may well be another song about love and loss, but the chorus is almost euphoric, the makings of a real festival anthem. In short, take the aforementioned harmonies, add a subtle hint of electro pop and there you have it; perfect, chilled out, beers-on- the-beach kind of music.

Words by Louise Henry

Tipped by Robin Seamer from Breaking More Waves

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