Though Manchester may be synonymous with music, grunge-pop probably isn’t the first genre that springs to mind. DIY trio False Advertising have more in common with a band like Speedy Ortiz, birthed from Massachusetts’ achingly cool alt-rock scene, than they do with bands like Blossoms who are currently leading the charge of ‘fresh’ indie blood out of Greater Manchester.

Self-proclaimed purveyors of ‘twisted grunge-garage’, False Advertising release ‘Give it Your Worst’ on the highly lauded Too Pure Singles Club; a scuzzy, biting treat that throws a touch of 90s Britpop into the mix for even more attitude.

Led by dual boy-girl vocals, Chris Warr’s monotone, apathetic drawl and Jen Hingley’s honeyed yet venomous croon complement each other perfectly. Throw in barbed, fuzzy guitars, and ‘Give It Your Worst’ is a big middle finger up to adversity; a gritty yet infectious grungy treat.

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tipped by Dave Maul and Charlotte Holroyd

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