Electronic duos are ten a penny nowadays, so if you’re going to try and break through then you need a little something extra to tip you over the edge. La Roux had it on their debut album thanks to spiky, and icy, production, and brothers Disclosure captured minds with their light and airy yet EDM-inflected tunes. More recently, Oh Wonder brought a slightly more jazzy, laid-back edge to the formula. Now we’ve got the mysterious DIICE looking to follow in their footsteps and, on the strength of their debut single ‘Multigold‘, it’s a sure fire bet that they can every bit as massive.

Multigold‘ is a layered and surprisingly complex tune that skims around different genres with ease. At first it’s a dark, moody piece of electronica, lifted by beautifully breathy vocals reminiscent of Jessie Ware‘s early forays in dubstep. By the chorus, the track morphs into a shimmering synthpop banger, with pitch-shifted voices and just a touch of EDM, handclaps and smatterings of percussion lending it all just that little bit of extra punch. It keeps itself restrained though, and is all the more sophisticated for it. The odds are that DIICE are set to be the next big thing.

Words by Eugenie Johnson

Tipped by Souterrain

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