As part of Peggy Sue and frontman of The Mariner’s Children, Ben Rubenstein helped to create warm, memorable indie and alt folk. It’s perhaps little surprise, then, that his solo project under the name Benedict Benjamin is thoroughly engaging and mature.

Consolidating his work with both bands, Rubenstein channels his love of folk, indie, classic songwriters such as Roy Orbison and early 60s pop music into a beautiful collection of songs on his debut solo album ‘Night Songs‘.

Thin Skin‘ is one of the record’s major highlights. Though it’s less than three minutes long, it manages to weave gracefully between the fragile verses and stomping chorus with ease. Underpinned by cavernous production, around which Rubenstein’s sensitive voice echoes, the track sounds like it was a hidden gem found on an ancient demo.

Wearing its charming sepia-toned aesthetic with pride, ‘Thin Skin’ shows off Benedict Benjamin’s flair for creating heartfelt, emotional songs that feel truly timeless.

Words by Eugenie Johnson

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse

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