With fair comparisons having been drawn to Johnny Cash and Elliot Smith, alongside the definite hints of The National’s Matt Berninger and Crash Test DummiesBrad Roberts in his bass-heavy vocal, Leaone is in good company.

With emotional, melancholy lyrics and dramatic, heavy hitting production, ‘Young Green Eyes’ recounts, with heart-on-sleeve resignation, what remains when someone you care about leaves your life.

The track it seems, was written after a pretty tough period in Leaone’s life and knowing that adds an additional layer to it, one of catharsis and healing, as if the creation of ‘Young Green Eyes’ was a major step towards dealing with, and overcoming what had happened.

It isn’t however, just some grim and inward looking serenade to lost love – it’s actually full of interesting lyrical and musical ideas produced in a sympathetic way that adds power and dynamic contrast to some strong songwriting.

After a sought after premiere in Clash magazine, It’ll be really interesting to see what Leaone does next.

Tip by Ian Johnson at Access to Music

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