2016 might well be the year of Boy Jumps Ship. Having already gained a strong reputation for energetic, passionate and full-on live shows, the North East rock foursome finally released their long-awaited LP ‘Wake Up’ in April. The record’s first single, ‘Burn‘ was premiered on the Radio 1 Rock Show, and was held aloft as a towering rock anthem by Kerrang, Scuzz and MTV Rocks.

Unsurprisingly, ‘Lost & Found‘ carries on where ‘Burn‘ left off. Beginning with pounding drums and a warped guitar riff, the song soon explodes into a whirlwind of meaty basslines, skittering hi-hats and seriously heavy riffs (as well as a ridiculously infectious chorus that’ll have you humming all day long), ‘Lost & Found‘ is the epitome of a rock track to get the party started…. and it’s all achieved in less than three minutes!

Boy Jumps Ship are carrying the torch for catchy, unabashedly fun rock that’s bound to get the crowd at The Great Escape hyped up.

Words by Eugenie Johnson

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