Maybe they are big vampire fans but Fang Night’s name is a tad misleading. Is it a goth metal band or Twilight chat room? Thankfully not. On the upside this enigmatic duo from London are making some really tasty beats topped off with infectious-like-ebola hooks which easily supercede the band’s poor choice of moniker.

Imagine The XX with a rocket up their arse fronted by a toned down Florence Welch and er.. the bloke from the XX making music that didn’t have you automatically reaching for the self harming kit.

Artificial’ takes electronic beats and fuses them with a lush and uplifting sonic tapestry of jingly guitars and something that sounds like a steel drum, but in a good way. The male and female vocal works together well, first setting up the tension before clipping us around the ear with that dangerously virulent chorus. You may be checking into quarantine after a couple of listens.

Words by Steve Burton from Big Fish Little Fish

Tipped by Going Solo

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