Fans of smooth chillout R&B will adore today’s tip from Tony Blaize. The Nigerian born singer from London has crafted a lengthy, dreamy love song which gives out goosebumps on first listen.

Tony’s palette in question is a dark, echoey tunnel of drums and sorrowful guitar, similar to Massive Attack’s classic Teardrop. It isn’t long before a melancholy choir drops into the mix creating a 21st century answer to Fugees.

And Lauryn Hill isn’t a bad reference point for voice, with Tony’s sharing the powerful haunting quality. Joining the likes of Samm Henshaw bringing gorgeous soul into the modern day, Blaize manages to gift to the ears an escapism with the dark beauty of ‘Eli’s Song’.

The track comes from his new debut EP entitled ‘Be About It’ which interestingly was created when Blaize took a trip to Brazil. Tony will also have an exciting Spring which includes his first live show, so hopefully as the year progresses we can look forward to further shows and more music.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Souterrain

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