For the past nine years, Liverpudlian trio Married to the Sea have been hard at work perfecting their vision of rowdy pop that people can dance to. In that time they’ve supported everyone from Ra Ra Riot and Idlewild to The Spinto Band and The Futureheads, as well as playing at Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party. It’s a mystery why the group haven’t broken through yet, as their infectious tunes get into your head and refuse to leave. That might all be about to change with their latest track ‘Cold War Love‘.

Despite the group claiming to be influenced by Motown and alt-rock legends like Pixies and Grandaddy, ‘Cold War Love‘ has much more in common with a more recent chart-bothering song: Walk The Moon’sShut Up And Dance.’ The driving drums, airyharmonies and upbeat, 80s-inspired synths combine and reach a thrilling peak in the infernally catchy chorus. Its musical exuberance is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face. While it may have taken them nearly a decade to do it, Married to the Sea might be finally on the verge of bigger things.

Words by Eugenie Johnson

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music and  Jamie Otsa from Glasswerk

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