London-based purveyors of dark rhythms All The People have this month released ‘Falling‘ as a free download.

This is night music at it’s deepest. Emotive lyrics clash against scratchy drums. The harsh opening synth stabs combine with deep house beats and a foreboding hi-hat. What ‘Falling‘ lacks in length, it makes up for in soulful garage vocals. There’s strong feelings of isolation as lead singer Curtis Dennie proclaims throughout: ‘The greatest gift I could ever give you, is being alone.’

Weighing in at only 3 minutes and 6 seconds, ‘Falling’ is ripe for the extended dance-floor treatment. The heavy bass’ deserves to be felt from urban subwoofers in late-night London clubs; hazy vision and blurred memories.

*You can catch All The People at this summers Secret Garden Party. ‘Falling’ is out now to stream or download on 100 Billion Wires.

Words by Kerri Mark Sharp 

Tipped by Matt Baty at Amazing Radio

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