Hailing from County Armagh in Northern Ireland – and an alternative folk scene that’s already given rise to the likes of the Mercury Prize-nominated SOAK – multi-instrumentalist Naomi Hamilton’s project Jealous of the Birds sees her taking often simple melodies and coupling them with her mature, world-weary voice.

After releasing her debut EP Capricorn last year, she’s been busy making the follow up, Parma Violets. Until Parma Violets is released though, it’s still comforting to wallow in the simple delights of Capricorn’s opener, ‘Goji Berry Sunset’.

The ditty sees Hamilton singing of the earliest stages of a relationship, accompanied only by a pared-down guitar melody and some sparse whistling. The sometimes overlapping call and response vocals helps add layers and texture, creating a beguiling lo-fi folk ballad in little over two minutes. Goji Berry Sunset is superfood for the soul.

The Tipping Point has teamed up with Generator NI to present Jealous of the Birds in Belfast on February 18th. For more information click HERE

Words by Eugenie Johnson

Tipped by Bob Allan

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