If, like me, you’ve been mourning the lack of the West Midlands accent in the pop charts ever since Slade hung up their platform boots and mirrored top hats, then today’s tip, The Assist from Walsall, are going to be right up your street.

And if you’re a fan of swaggery, vaguely northern four-pieces, you’re in luck with these guys.  It’s no surprise that they’ve already played an in-store gig at Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green – shock-haired singer Mikey Stanton looks raring to assume the Oasis man’s mantle.

‘Love’ itself is practically one big chorus – they manage to repeat it five times – with the appended refrain of “Who do you think you are / Love to spread is free of charge” perfectly summarising the contradiction at the heart of the Madchester ethos – you never know whether you’re going to get an arm round the shoulder or a kick in the balls.

And whilst this sort of lad-rock isn’t the last word in subtlety, as the video hints at, this is the perfect soundtrack for having a bottle of lager and a row with your girlfriend.  And who doesn’t need that every once in a while?

Words by Martin Sharman

Tipped by Jim Cambo from Alternative Friday and Fresh On The Net

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