Sleeper‘ by Our Girl is a massive grower, and seeing as I loved it on first listen anyway that’s a great sign. It is absolutely dripping in 90s alt rock influences from the likes of Sonic Youth, albeit more polished, Garbage, albeit less polished, Placebo, albeit more sincere etc. etc.

What all these caveats in comparison reveal is that Our Girl have achieved that vital trick in allowing themselves to become moulded by their musical surroundings as far as is healthy whilst not losing a sense of their own identity (why not call on thousands of years of human artistic endeavour?). Yes, it is possible to pick out touchstones in their music, however I feel that they’d pass that test of recognition in a song of theirs I’d never heard before.

Sleeper’ manages to remain both cold and touching at the same time, and the drifting nature of the alternative-rock soundscape perfectly matches the title and themes of the song. Ultimately, it’s a thoughtfully and naturally crafted track so it’s no surprise that it has a lot to offer on first and umpteenth listen.

Words by Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings 

Tipped by Jonny Gray from Generator

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