Blending smooth, soulful r&b with sparse and atmospheric electronica is very much a thing to do for budding producers these days, but few are doing it as well as enigmatic London duo seyr right now.

As the opening bars of “a love” trickle into your ears, you may find a little tingle working its way down the back of your neck. Its cool twinkles and chimes are interspersed with distant chatter, as though we could be eavesdropping on a pair of lovers. The vocals, muted to begin with, swell lightly with the melody. Layers build on layers as the soft falsetto swirls like a breeze of rising emotion on a 2am walk home through dark streets; the beat echoing as cold footsteps on the broken pavement.

It’s late night emotional turmoil made into something gorgeous. Heavy with emotion it’s a bold marbling of style, anguish and the tumultuous seas of heartache into a state of aural dreaminess. As couples sway almost imperceptibly with the beat, they will find their grip on one another tightening and an unexplainable longing for their partner swelling up within.

It’s powerful stuff and after a couple of years of teasing us with a release here and a gig there, seyr feel like they are ready to step out of the shadows and wow us all.

Words by Adam Hill at alphabetbands

Tipped by Wayne C McDonald

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