Pleasure Beach in Blackpool doesn’t do anything by halves. It boasts the UK’s tallest rollercoaster after all, making it one of the country’s top destinations for funfair-themed thrill seekers. So if you’re going to name your band after the popular attraction then you’d better make sure you’ve got the sound to match. Luckily, Belfast quintet Pleasure Beach don’t pull any punches with their sound, forgoing minimalism and subtlety for a nought-to-sixty blast of what they call ‘dream pop with a V8‘.

On their latest single ‘Dreamer to the Dawn‘, the title track from their recently-released debut EP, the group have made an urgent and sometimes frantic maelstrom that begins with Human League-style synths and soon evolves into a flurry of euphoric riffs and luscious harmonies. For all its joyous bluster though there’s an odd sense of melancholia running through the vocals, giving ‘Dreamer to the Dawn‘ an almost Springsteen quality (minus the sax). It’s a rollercoaster of emotions worthy of their moniker.

Words by Eugenie Johnson

Tipped by  Generator NI

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