It’s been nearly two years since Londoners Barny, Tom, Henri and Mariona got together and started playing as Passport to Stockholm but in that time they’ve managed to work with some of the country’s best producers, been championed by national radio stations and launched a pledge campaign to fund their debut EP that hit its target in only two days. Pretty impressive stuff.

The band initially gained a strong reputation and cult following on the back of some mesmerising live shows, but luckily they’ve got the tunes to back up all the pomp. On their debut EP ‘Chemistry‘, the band have forged a neat little niche for themselves alongside the likes of Mumford and Sons, Of Mice and Men and fellow breakthrough band Eliza and the Bear as swooning, folk-tinged indie rockers.

Their latest effort, ‘Let Me Know‘, sees the group combining tight harmonies and grand strings with an amazing pop sensibility. Bundled into little more than three minutes is a catchy yet brooding single with depth and heart. It’s just a taster of the beauty that’s captured within their latest EP, ‘All At Once‘, which sees them further enhance their electro-folk sound.

Lucky they’ve got that passport handy, as they might well be ready to take on the world

Words by Eugenie Johnson

Tipped by Mary Chang at There Goes The Fear

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