There’s a mystery surrounding London duo The Masks. Their social media pages give relatively little information about them; but what’s clear is their propensity to make refreshingly soulful, moody R&B with just a little bit of that London vibe.

Their new slow jam ‘Say How You Feel‘ starts off with androgynous crooning vocals over a slightly old school piano progression, nodding towards the likes of The Weeknd or The Internet. However the comparison falls short as the vocal slowly becomes considerably more anglicised and female behind a growing mixture of subtle beats and tech glitches.

The Masks’ vocals  develop from a slow, emotional style  to raw- heavily accented rap… ambitious but it works!

Lyrically it’s vulnerable and relatable, about being honest, but without becoming cliched and it’s this meaning behind their lyrics that is perhaps the clearest thing about them.

What’s clear from listening to their previous tracks is that ‘Say How You Feel’ shows a transition to a slicker sound that very much works in their favour.

Words by Tilly Dowman

Tipped by Souterrain

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