Any track that opens with a decent funk guitar riff is always worth a listen in my book. That’s exactly how this London four piece proceed before unleashing this nugget of nu-retro feel goodness . Looking at their pictures I’m guessing Screaming Peaches weren’t around in the 80’s so those audible influences on Sad Kid can only be hereditary. However, this is not a new romantic pastiche by a long way. For every ounce of Duran Duran and Japan there are equal doses of New Young Pony Club and the Dandy Warhols. Somehow this band still manage to come out of the mixing bowl with an original flavour.

Sad Kid is a really accomplished piece of song writing. Heavy on the hooks and constantly shifting up and down the gears both melodically and dynamically. This tune sounds like a future indie dance floor classic. There’s a shout-a-long acronymic chorus and a four to the floor groove to keep even the floppiest of fringes happy.

On another of their songs online I heard the lyric “ sexy as beef bourguignon”. I had to double check but I definitely did. I’d like to have heard that Slyvian and Le Bon come out with such classy lines back in the day.

Words by Steve Burton from Big Fish Little Fish

Tipped by Charlotte Holroyd from Bitter Sweet Symphonies

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