Details around four-piece PREP are scarce as yet. What we do know is that they’re made up of a Hip Hop producer, a House DJ, a singer/songwriter and a classical composer – and they’re capable of producing fantastically dreamy Funk in the form of their debut ‘Cheapest Flight‘.

On the track, shuffling hi-hats and syncopated bass and synth stabs give the track its funky foundation, while layers and smooth keys and a beautifully clean vocal make the track genuinely soar, rather like the eponymous plane journey.

It’s a song about escapism; the re-charging of a weary soul through getting as far away as wherever that cheapest ticket takes you. With the elegance and groove of the Steeliest Dan, here’s hoping that PREP don’t spend too long re-charging their batteries.

Words by Lewis Lister

Tipped by Ben Ryder-Smith

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