Sometimes all you want from a song is a fuzzy, chugging beat, a subtly distorted vocal singing a distinctively melodic topline, and some lyrics about burning stuff down. If that day is today, dear reader, then you’re in luck, because that’s precisely what our tip delivers.

‘The Road’ is the debut single by Man Of Moon, a brace of Edinburghers with clear fondness for 70s psychedelia (think Hawkwind), 80s shoegaze (think Ride), and 90s slacker rock (think Pavement).

As we all know from hours spent ruining primary school primary colours, such extravagant mixtures can end up in nothing more than paradoxical brown sludge; Man Of Moon wisely take but a soupçon of each, and the resulting racket is very pleasing indeed.

The whole track is one big crescendo, starting with a one-note guitar riff, adding a distinctive metallic bassline, a sprinkling of heavily-fuzzed guitar, and climaxing with one of my favourite musical devices – the primal scream.

Having already caught the ears of BBCs 6 Music and Scotland, not to mention the still-relevant-despite-everything NME, there looks to be no dark side to this particular Moon.

Words by Martin Sharman

Tipped by Halina Rifai from Glasgow Podcart

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