All I could find out about Cotton Wolf is that they are two blokes (judging from their photo on SoundCloud) and they hail from Cardiff.

I guess they decided just to let the music do the talking, and in this case, it speaks volumes.

‘Siula Grande’ is named after a mountain in the Peruvian Andes and is certainly no less majestic. These boys seemingly specialise in beautifully epic electronica which incorporates just enough edge to keep it fresh and intoxicating.

Imagine if Lemon Jelly and Zero 7 had a child together which was adopted by Metro Area.

Once upon a time this track may have found itself in the much maligned pigeon hole of ‘chill-out music’. Now you can just file it under ‘lush’.

Words by Steve Burton from Big Fish Little Fish

Tipped by Kier from The Monitors

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